Directorate of Corporate Communication & PR

Active Professional Communication

  • Developing strategies for effective communication and professional outreach to all stakeholders. 
  • Improving planning procedures and utilizing available resources that can be managed effectively within the Communications and Public Relations and putting priorities to the media campaign in a dedicated time that can build the corporations reputation in the community.
  • Defining the role of the Corporate Communications and Public Relation and the Primary Health Care Corporation
  • Facilitating a smooth communication flow and raising effective communication where applicable
  • Designing and producing the highest quality of material for public media
  • Managing, planning and coordinating corporate events both internally and externally with all the stakeholders, especially the public. 
  • Promoting public engagement and participation in specialized matters of care
  • Building strong relationship with the media and the media representatives. 
  • Organizing and planning events and activities that promote the positive and true image of Primary Health Care Corporation
  • Preparing and managing all marketing materials in regards to the campaigns and specific corporate projects and activities.
  • Setting policy and procedures manual for internal and external communication. 
  • Formatting and drafting questionnaires for research for internal and external communication. 
  • Facilitating and preparing the key notes that are responded by the corporate spokesperson. 
  • Being Responsible for the monitoring and the implementation of the Corporate Communication Strategy. 
Ensuring that all external communicate reflect the identity, mission and the vision of the corporation in parallel to the national identity.