PHCC Holds the Seventh Annual Forum of Health Promoting Schools National Program

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) recently held the seventh forum of Health promoting schools national program at Leabaib and Um Salal Health Centers. Representatives of 51 primary, intermediate and secondary schools participated in this two-day health-promoting schools event. Identification of obstacles to overcome in delivering the Health Promoting Schools Program, and Knowledge acquisition on best practices to efficiently develop the program, were the main topics of discussion at the forum where 29 schools have also been honored in their commitment to the Health Promoting Schools Programs.


“The Forum, dedicated to the Health Promoting Schools National Program, enabled the exchange of experiences and achievements between different school entities with purpose of promoting health amongst students and identifying the different mechanisms to enhance the implementation of basic principles for this initiative. Through this discussion platform, PHCC, as leaders of The Health Promoting Schools Initiative in Qatar, were able to identify the strong and weak points of each participant in the program delivery,” said Mrs. Afrah Mosa, PHCC School Health Services & Program Manager.

“The Health promoting schools National Program forum is a good opportunity for schools to share their own experiences in implementing the health promoting national program and showcase its usefulness. Additionally, Newly enrolled schools can learn good and helpful practices from the shared experiences of schools that are already members of the Program” pointed out Mrs. Habiba Al Kuwari, PHCC Health Promoting Program Coordinator.

Subsequent to the meeting, Abu Haniefa Model School Delegation said: “the school has succeeded in implementing a comprehensive program, ensuring the students’ physical and psychological health, all by exchanging experiences and ideas with the community through communication with parents during Parents’ Council meetings”. 

Safeya bent Wahab Primary Schools for girls have implemented sports activities, social participations, and awareness lectures on obesity and healthy food consumption. They also organized student competitions in preparing healthy meals and launched a special dental program” Mrs. Hana Al Sayed, Representative of the School said.

The 29 participant schools honored by PHCC during the Forum are as follows:

Um sa’eed school for boys, Al Shefa’a bent Abdul Rahman Al Ansareya Primary school for girls, Safeya bent Abdul Mutaleb Primary school for girls, Al Ekhlas Model School for boys, Othman ben Afan Kindergarten for boys, Hajar Primary School for girls, Audio Education school for girls, Ghernata Preparatory School for girls, West Bay model School for boys, Abdul ben Turky Kindergarten for boys, Zakreet Primary school for girls, Rawda bent Jassem Secondary School for girls, Abdulla ben Zaid Kindergarten for boys, Al Wafa Kindergarten for girl (west bay), Sukaina Preparatory School for girls, Al Shaqab Primary School for girls, Jaber ben Hayan Primary school for boys, Ubu Hanefah Model School for boys, Al Shamal Model School for boys, Um Salal model School for boys, Al Shamal Model School for boys, Smaisma Preparatory school for boys, Al Resala secondary School for girls, Omar ben Al Khatab Preparatory School for boys, Iben Tymeya Secondary School for boys, Al Salam kindergarten for girls, and Al Refaa Primary School for girls.