PHCC Provides Postnatal Service Across Nine Health Centers


Mothers who undergo normal delivery, without routine medical intervention can now take advantage of post-natal services provided by PHCC at nine health centers across the country. Dr. Hessa Shahbic, Manager of Maternal and Child Health at PHCC stated, “We are delighted to offer post-natal services in our health centers, accessible to mothers who have newly delivered and are registered within PHCC, with priority presented to local citizens. Currently the service is offered at nine of our health centers, with future plans to expand this to other centers in alignment with our PHCC strategy goals.”  Dr. Hessa added that the service aims at promoting good recovery from childbirth, through assessment, and counselling. A dedicated team provides evaluation of the mother’s physical and psychological state, determines the appropriate support required to help her overcome health challenges post pregnancy and childbirth. The service also promotes breastfeeding, and provides the most appropriate birth spacing corresponding with the mother’s need.

PHCC’s post-natal services are currently being provided in nine health centers across Qatar, Al Wakra, Airport, West Bay, OBK, Rawdat Al Khail, Gharafat Al Rayan, Abu Nakhla, Al Daayen, and Al Sheehaneya. PHCC has plans to introduce this service across the rest of the health centers in 2017. Dr. Hessa encourages mothers to take advantage of this service, with currently only 35% of new mothers utilizing the service, though this percentage does vary on a monthly basis.

Speaking on the mechanism for the post-natal service, Dr. Hessa commented that this service is initiated through a telephone call, during which the mother is provided with information on the support available to her at the post-natal clinic where she will be assessed to ensure she receives the appropriate after care.  

The Manager of Maternal and Child health Division indicated that the target beneficiaries of this service are mothers who have undergone vaginal childbirth at an HMC birthing facility and that are registered at PHC health centers, with priority for Qataris mothers in view of limited capacity.