The PHCC Helps 195 People to Quit Smoking

Dr. Wadha Al Baker: the Corporation has an incentive program for those who want to quit smoking.


The PHCC has revealed its success in helping 195 people to quit smoking, from 604 people has visited the Quit Smoking clinics, in health centers, during the first the second and third quarter of this year, noting that this number is very important, where one from three smokers has succeed in quitting smoking for six months at least. The Corporation has explained that the age of most smokers who visit the clinic between 18 and 30 years old, and a large number of them has quitted smoking, by 35 to 40%.

Dr. Wadha Al Baker- Director of Health Promotion and Wellness in PHCC- has said: the Quit Smoking clinics visitors are subject at the beginning to a  comprehensive assessment of their condition, to find out the readiness of the smoker to quit smoking, and then give him both pharmacological and behavioral appropriate treatment, then be periodically followed up in the clinics.

Dr. Wadha has pointed out that in order to enable people who want to quit smoking, the PHCC has expanded the Quit Smoking Clinics to include Leabaib, Al Thayen, Al Gharafa, OBK, Abu baker and Msemier HCs. She also has added that the PHCC and through these clinics is providing an incentive program for those who have a desire to quit smoking for good, consists of four steps: the first step, ask smokers to think about the benefits of smoke-free life, the second step, encourage smokers to be prepared and avoid the temptations and get the support from  those around them, The third step is the most effective step, to stop smoking and "Always remind yourself why you stop it, follow a different daily routine in the early days, and the fourth step ,  the last one  and most essential,: to stay non-smoker for good