Under the slogan "Break the chain of infection"

PHCC Shares the International Community the Infection Control Week



The Primary Health Care Corporation is sharing with the international community the annual infection prevention and control campaign to be held from 16th to 22nd of October 2016. This participation comes within the framework of the efforts to improve the health of individuals and community, where the corporation is seeking, through this campaign, to improve and to follow the standard precautions to control infection and to motivate community and workers in the health centers to ease the rate of infections associated with health care.


The campaign and through this year's theme "break the chain of infection" will focus on the important role that health care providers, patients and the community have in controlling and preventing the spread of infection. It will aim at raising awareness about infection prevention and control  at home, work place and in the community as overall. In addition, it will focus on the field’s best practice and  standard precautions for infection control followed in the primary health care centers.


The infection and control team will be running a training workshop for the housekeeping staff  in the health centers to raise health awareness and increase knowledge of standard precautions infection prevention and control. Brochures will be distributed to staff and visitors to the health centers.


According to recent studies, infection control programs are broad. It is not impossible to prevent  infections such as hospital-acquired or health care related infections. Also, infections transmitted from patient to a  family member, this could be done by following the standard measures  to combat them.