The PHCC Concludes the World Mental Health Day Activities


The PHCC has concluded the events of the World Mental Health Day, which falls on the 10th of October Under the slogan "Dignity in Mental Health, the purpose of the World Mental Health Day is  to raise the  public awareness about mental health issues in all parts of the world, the event also promotes open discussions on illnesses, as well as investments in prevention and treatment services. It also supports the  efforts of helping  anyone suffering from a deteriorating or emergency mental health and providing first aids until the required treatment is available. The good mental health is an important issue to add the quality of life of individuals and their families and for social and economic succeed of communities and nations, so the mental health is as important as the physical health in achieving overall wellness of individual.


In this context the PHCC has adopted the providing of  psychological first aid for those who are most in need,  and this is provided by people who are trained and  have the confidence and experience to do so, hence, the mental  first aid is the psychological support and practical help given to a person who has recently suffered from stressful life and serious events.  The  psychological or mental  first aid also aims at protecting people from exposure to further harm,  meet their basic needs such as food, shelter , and providing information and linking these individuals with service centers and social support.

The participation of the PHCC has included the organizing of many events such as educational lectures organized in health centers for the auditors, and distributing leaflets and posters that aim at improving mental health as well as exploiting social media and published several cards relating to maintaining good mental health to live linger and good life, as it may be a major reason for the longevity,  unlike the bad mental health that hinder the good life.

The PHCC has participated in the opening ceremony of Mental Health Conference, organized by the Society of Friends of Mental Health «Wayak», where the PHCC has honored being the gold sponsor of the conference, received by Dr. Fatheya Al Meer- Regional Chief- Central. Dr. Nebal Lead - Consultant Family Medicine in West bay HC- has participated in the seminar, which focused on the reality of mental health in the State of Qatar.


The Primary Health Care Corporation has established a special pavilion in  Katara Cultural Village to display the role of the  Primary Health Care Corporation in the promotion of good mental health, the fact that mental health is not separate from the doctors in primary health care centers Services, because the mental health is not separate from the provided doctors services in primary health care centers and located in the same place, in addition that the Corporation has a prominent role in addressing stigma of mental health.


On the other hand, Dr. Juhaina Ali Hajee- Consultant in  Family Medicine and a member of the Committee on Mental Health in PHCC has presented a lecture about the importance of mental health and depression at Qatar University, attended by a number of students and university employees, during which she stressed that good mental health is an essential element of the quality of life of individuals and their families, and to achieve  the social and economic communities and nations success

Dr. Johaina also touched upon the reasons that infect the person with depression, its symptoms and methods of prevention and treatment as well as how to take advantage from family doctors in primary health care centers, where mental health services are available to citizens and residents in all scattered health centers throughout the State of Qatar.