Under the slogan "Dignity in Mental Health- Psychological first aid for all

              The PHCC Participates in World Mental Health Day 2016

The Primary Health Care Corporation, is participating the international community with the World mental Health Day, which falls on 10 October each year, in order to raise public awareness of mental health issues, conduct more open discussion regarding mental illness and investments in services and means of prevention alike. The cases of mental health that facing the Primary Health Care Corporation in the State of Qatar are relatively common, where one from five people is affected by mental illness at a given moment of time, in addition to that, and according to the National Strategy for Mental Health in Qatar, three of the top five causes of disability in Qatar are linked to Mental health issues.

The main selected idea of the World Mental Health Day 2016 is “Dignity in Mental Health- Psychological first aid for all”. This topic is come on the right time, where the PHCC is working currently on the development of psychological treatment for people suffering from psychological common problems, such as depression and anxiety.

The Psychological first aid considers as a support and help process, given to a person who has recently suffered from stressful and serious life events. Psychological first aid is also aiming at protecting people from exposure to further harm, and meets their basic needs such as food, and shelter, providing information and linking these individuals with service centers and social support.

 People can live well in long run if they feel safe, calm, hope, and communicate with others, they can also provide their basic needs and have the reins of control by being able to help themselves.

            Dr. Samya Ahmad Al Abdulla- Executive Director of Operation Department in the PHCC has said:” At the World Mental Health Day, the PHCC is contributing very actively in national efforts to encourage individuals to look after their mental health as physical health. The PHCC also encourages providing psychological first aid for those who are most in need. This provided by people who are trained and have the confidence and experience to do so. "

Dr. Samya is pointing out that getting the right psychological support during crisis time is a common challenge in all regions of the world, and most of the people are reviewing the primary health care centers with various health problems after passing through painful experiences of life, the question arises, why if someone collapsed because of physical illness such as a heart attack, this person is likely to receive help from someone who knows about health first aid while the possibility of offering a psychological first aid is very little, knowing that providing psychological first aid is very useful.

Dr. Samya has added that the PHCC is supporting people who suffer from mental health problems  and working to form four teams of primary psychological care, where each team consists of psychology specialists and social workers and providing evidence-based psychological treatments,  currently, people can access the support and services for mental health through the family doctor, who is working in their  the health centers.

Dr. Fatema Mosa- Head of mental health program in PHCC has said that good mental health is feeling comfortable , confident and self-esteem, which enable the individual to enjoy life, in addition to physical health care, also the presence of strong social relationships will play an important role in improving feeling comfortable in general.

Dr. Fatima also stresses on reinforcing the message that is no need to continue to separate the mind from the body. Moreover, the people who suffer from mental health problems and their families should not be isolated, as well as providing first aid training for the physical and psychological health for everybody.

If you need to discuss any issue about your general health, please make an appointment with the health center to see the family doctor.