Vaccination for Hajj

Dr. Khalid Al Awad has stressed on the importance of taking the required Vaccinations for the People Wishing to Perform Hajj to Avoid communicable diseases.

The PHCC has invited the citizens and residents who wish to perform Hajj this year to go to the health centers of PHCC to take the necessary vaccinations, in order to prevent the Communicable Diseases, such as meningitis, pneumonia and seasonal flu. ReadMore Dr. Khalid Al Awad- Head of Communicable Diseases department in PHCC- has stressed on the “Importance of taking the necessary vaccinations, because of its significant role in the prevention of the risk of spreading the infectious diseases, as a result of congestion. It is also necessary to follow the recommendations and guidelines for health and safety, such as hand hygiene and cough etiquette.

 He also has called to the ‘The need to take these vaccinations 10 days prior to  traveling date  to ensure the effectiveness of vaccines in terms of its ability to give the body's adequate immune against the disease, and to enable the their immune system to create the necessary antibodies to defend the body. He also has added that the available and useful vaccines that pilgrims are advised to obtain is  the influenza vaccine including pregnant women ,  children under 5 years, the elderly and people with special health conditions such as: asthma, Neurological disorders, chronic lung disease, heart disease, blood disorders, endocrine disorders such as diabetes, kidney disorders, liver disorders, metabolic disorders, iimmunocompromised patients, people under 19 years old and taking aspirin and cases of obesity.


He also has mentioned that MVP, is mandatory for pilgrims and children above two years, and not mandatory for infants and children less than two years, and not mandatory for pregnant women. Both vaccines have no side effects.  The vaccination against pneumonia (pneumococcal) for people between the ages of 18 and 70 years is also available. Al Awad has concluded by advising the Hajj who has high temperature or cough to go to the nearest health center or the doctor who accompanying to the Hajj campaign.   




The Primary Health Care Corporation also will launch and within the national strategic plan for health an awareness campaign through the media and the means of social communication "Facebook, Twitter, Anstaqram", include the provision of many medical advice  for citizens and residents who intend to go to the holy land to perform Hajj, which aims at raising health awareness by following healthy habits and behaviors that protect against infectious diseases.

The corporation aims at raising awareness and educating pilgrims who need to take care of health and safety in order to avoid transitional (communicable) diseases, where the health of the citizens and residents of Qatar is priority for PHCC.