PHCC Collaborate with Eid Charity for Awareness Preventative Lectures

Al Wakra Health Centre hold an educational lecture for women on preventative measures and early screening ; Al Wakra Health Center presented a series of awareness lectures for women in collaboration with Eid Charity discussing several topics including early detection of cancer and the necessary measures to take to try to prevent the spread of infections. The lectures also raised the topic of healthy nutritional practices to encourage healthy growth for children and help avoid obesity and diabetes.

 Other topics covered in the lecture included the significance of good hygiene amongst members of the family and its vital role in the prevention of diseases, giving examples on best practices when handling food. In addition, the lecture provided information on several other topics including tips for mothers on the benefits of breastfeeding and the benefits of regular checkups for those with diabetes or high blood pressure.
During the lectures, educational material was shared amongst participants, some parents attended with their children, PHCC provided appealing educational material to engage the younger audience on the essential foundations of healthy living.
PHCC’s Rashid family models were used to display optimal ways to live a healthy lifestyle.