Saudi Health Delegation Visits Primary Care’s Umm Slal Health Centre



Engineer Abdul Aziz bin Saleh Al Saloum, Director of Business Environment Development at the Ministry of Health Saudi and several high ranking healthcare officials from Saudi visited primary healthcare’s Umm Salal Health Centre. Dr. Maryam Abdul Malek, Managing Director of Primary Healthcare welcomed the delegation, accompanying them on a tour of the center. The visit follows collaborations between Qatar and Saudi to discuss and share ways to enhance cooperation in the field and facilitate exchange of know-how, manpower and expertise, specifically with regards to health and wellness services in which Qatar is the first country in the region to offer these services in accordance with international health standards.


Dr. Mariam provided an overview of the service at Um Salal health center, highlighting the center’s medical facilities with a guided tour of the health and wellness center, radiology, pharmacy, laboratory, dental and specialist clinics. The delegation were also briefed on the work place mechanisms and electronic systems in place used to improve patient experience.

Mr. Abdul Aziz bin Saleh-Director of Business Environment Development Department in the Saudi Ministry of Health praised the country's excellent quality in medical facilities and highlighted that this visit follows the drive of the Health Ministry in Saudi to create effective communication channels with the Health Ministry in Qatar, enabling both countries to successfully share industry knowledge. Emphasizing that Qatar’s development experience will be of great value to primary Care in Saudi.

Mr. Abdul Aziz bin Saleh extended his appreciation to the Ministry of Public Health and to the Managing Director of PHCC for the warm reception and hospitality. The visit comes as part of the Health Centers Development Project framework in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.