Primary Healthcare Qatar launches SMART, a preventative medicine and screening service

SMART will be operating as a pilot service in Leabaib and Rawdat Al Khaial Health Centers


Dr. Samya al Abdulla- Executive Director of Operation Department in PHCC  revealed the launch of the pilot operation SMART, a preventive medicine and screening service which was showcased at The World Innovation Summit for Health back in November 2016.  SMART health checks proactively invite the community to attend screening and health maintenance appointments to ensure targeted support is provided to individuals to prevent and manage risks for long-term health conditions such as diabetes.

The primary objective of the SMART Checkup is to act as a gateway into the full range of primary health care services on offer at PHCC and support the population of Qatar to take steps to maintain or improve their health.

The Checkup includes a range of preventative screening for common health problems such as diabetes and hypertension and is designed to help with early diagnosis and treatment of common health problems. It also focuses on identifying common risk factors for ill health so that patient can be supported to avoid becoming ill in the future by accessing PHCC’s preventative care services, such as wellness services.

Initially, this service will be piloted at two health centers, Leabaib and Rawdat Al Khail. The pilot will be for at least 3 months after which it will be evaluated and a plan will be developed to implement the service at all other health centers.

During the pilot period targeted patients will be those that are believed to be at risk of developing common diseases, the patients will be invited to attend the 20 minute appointment to establish patients medical and family history, they will  be refereed to complete the SMART health check. This will include a series of medical tests before being referred should this be required to encourage early diagnosis and treatment.

Currently this service will only be available to Qatari national, aged 18 and above and registered at either Leabaib or Rawdat Al Khail health centers. In the longer term, and after the successful completion of the pilot and roll out of the service to all health centers, PHCC plans to open the service up to all registered clients across Health Centers in Qatar.

Dr Samya Commented “ =SMART service is in line with PHCC pledge to drive forward  the national vision for healthcare development in Qatar by providing excellence in health care services to its citizens.  . We are delighted  to launch the SMART service pilot operation, a  comprehensive health check that will play a vital role in encouraging citizens to adopt a healthy lifestyle and ultimately aim at tackling preventative diseases through early diagnosis. We look forward to expanding access to this timely, quality service to all our health centers in the future.