Leghwairiya HC

Leghwairiya HC HC Manager: Dr. Al amir Ali Mohd
Clinic No. of Shift/ Timings Frequency (Day/ Week)
Med-General 2 shifts (7 am-2)-  (4-10pm)  (5-11pm) Daily plus week end
Antenatal Clinic 1 Shift (7am-2) Monday & Wednesday
Well Baby & Vaccination 2 shifts (7am-2) +  (4-11pm) Am (Sunday , Tuesday, & Thrusday) & Pm (Sun to Thur)   5/Week
Dental Clinics 2 shifts (7am-2) +  (4-11pm) 7 days
NCD/Chronic Disease 1 Shift (7am-2) Sunday,Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
CDC 2 shifts (7am-2)+  (4-11pm) 5 Days/week (Sun to Thur)
ENT Clinic None None
Ophthalmology Clinic 1 Shift (7am-2) 5 Days /week (Sun to Thur)
Medical Commission 1 Shift (7am-2) 5 Days / Week (Sun to Thur)
Well Woman Clinic 1 Shift (7am-2) Thursday /Week 
Laboratory  2  (7am-2pm)-(4pm-11pm)  Daily plus week end
  except Friday only ( 4pm – 11pm)    
Pharmacy  2 (7am-2pm)-(4pm-11pm) Daily plus week end
X-ray  2 (7am-2pm)-(4pm-11pm) Daily plus week end
Ultrasound  1 (7am-2pm)  Daily (Sunday- Thursday)
Nursing Treatment/Service  2 (7am-2pm)-(4pm-11pm)  Daily
Social Work 1 Shift (7am-2)  Daily (Sunday- Thursday)
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