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               Alternative of Al-Muntazah Health Center and open New HC with Wellness Services

               Minister of Public Health inaugurated Rawdet Al-Khail Health and Wellness Center


The Minster of Public Health Dr. Hanan Al-Kuwari inaugurated Radwt Al-Khail Health Center in the presence of Managing Director of PHCC Dr. Mariam Abdulmalik and number of staff in health sector and medical staff in PHCC. Dr. Hanan Al-Kuwari confirmed that the ministry program include many of the construction and development projects for continuance advancement of primary health care in Qatar, whether by building new health centers or renewing the current ones. Dr.Hanan pointed out that the center is equipped with all the requirements of which it can provide a distinct level of health and medical services in an optimally. Also Dr.Al-Kuwari added that the new health centers is part of an ambitious strategy seeks to promote public health, and raise the quality and efficiency of health services, according to the latest global systems. Her Excellency toured and listened to a brief explanation about the health center services provided to patients in Rawdet Al-khail Health Center, which includes public clinics, vaccination clinic ,non – communicable diseases clinics,  laboratory , Pharmacy , Radiology ,Dental Clinic, Medical Commission and other new services such as Ophthalmologist  services , Dermatology , mental health clinics, and health and wellness services. Her Excellency also expressed congratulated the people on the opening of Radwet Al-Khail Health Center and thanked Asghal which has built a new center.

Dr. Mariam Abdulmalik –Managing Director of PHCC said, Rawdet Al-Khail is another trophy added to PHCC’s achievements in the development and improvement of health care provided to citizens and residents, where the center provides medical services of a very high and sophisticated level according to international medical standards. She added that Rawdet Al-khail health center is determined to help people on how to live a healthy life style. Rawdet Al-khail provides physiotherapy sessions, food consulting and lessons of healthy cooking and health promotion and other services. Dr.Mariam explained that the center is part of the development plans that primary health care corporation, works to activate at various levels investigated to see a national strategy  and vision for Qatar aimed at improving the individual and the community health.

Dr.Abdullah Al-Nama – the Manager of Rawdet Al-Khail Health Center pointed that “the health center uses the Electronic Files System CIS from the first day of the center opening and offers the services through appointment system. Dr. Abdulla added that the  center includes a medical team of up to 39 doctors, 85 nurses and 38 administrative staff. Rawdet Al-Khail  HC’s capacity reaches up to 150,000 patients ,also the center will cover  the areas: Freij Abdul Aziz - Freij Ben Mahmoud, Al-Najma -Almansourh  and Almentzh . The Working hours of the health center will be from seven in the morning until eleven pm, seven days a week.




                                           Umm Slal Health and Wellness Center is Now Open


HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani, Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior opened Umm Slal Health & Wellness Center in the presence of HE Dr. Hanan Al-Kuwari, Minister of Public Health, and Dr. Mariam Abdulmalik, Managing Director of Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC)  and President of the Public Works Authority and a number of officials in the health sector.

HE Dr. Hanan Al-Kuwari, Minister of Public Health, highlighted the State of Qatar’s commitment in the development of primary health care system in the country and the provision of an integrated and comprehensive health care for all the individuals of the community.

In addition, H.E. added that “Today, we are pleased to inaugurate Umm Slal health and wellness center, which is the third center opened this year by Primary Health Care Corporation. Moreover, PHCC will open new health centers in the upcoming period that will be built in accordance with the best international standards".

Dr. Al-Kuwari explained that “Umm Slal Center will offer integrated services for the primary health care, and will encourage citizens and residents to adopt healthy lifestyles to avoid possible preventable diseases. It is expected that the health and wellness center provides services to 50,000 patients and visitors”.

Dr. Mariam Abdulmalik, Primary Health Care Corporation Managing Director said that “the new health center is a replacement of the old one and provides wellness services. Umm Slal is the third center opened of this nature after Leabaib and Rawdat Al-Khail health centers”. She also added that “the wellness services are designed to enable people to get a good healthy lifestyle as well as getting a balance between their physical and mental health. It will support the community to enjoy a healthy life through the provision of wellness services and the preventive action by a team of specialists that include doctors, nurses and dietitians.

Dr. Nadia Saleh Ali, Umm Slal HC Manager, said that “the new health and wellness center is running electronic CIS files from the first day of the opening, and offers appointments through the appointment system. Umm Salal HC includes a medical staff of 60 doctors, 20 nurses and 22 administrative staff. The health center’s capacity is up to 50,000 patients and visitors and it covers the areas 70 and 71 as well as the patients from the old health center. The working hours are from 7am to 11pm, five days a week”.





                  Signing a memorandum of understanding between the PHCC and

                           The Society of Friends of Mental Health "Wayak”


The PHCC has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Society of Mental Health


Friends “Wayak” aiming at implementing the joint programs in the field of mental health awareness, contributing in spreading the culture of voluntary work and developing the implementation of the proposed programs between the two sides.more


                   Under the slogan, “watch your blood pressure constantly”

                   The PHCC Celebrates the World Day for High Blood Pressure

The PHCC celebrates the World Day for high blood pressure, on 17th of May, under the slogan” watch your blood pressure constantly”, as the first step to control this silent disease is to measure the level of blood pressure on a regular basis. more


                               The PHCC is opining Al Thumama and Rawdat Al Khail HCs



The Primary Health Care Corporation has  ended the preparations and equipment needed for the opening of the new HCs Al  Thumama and Rawdat Al Khail, the  alternative to the current health center Al Muntazah HC during this June, the Corporation and during a press release has explained that the two HCs, are  characterized by its large area  and modern medical equipment in accordance with the global systems, where the two HCs will provide integrated health services with  the highest medical and administrative standards.more


                PHCC in Collaboration with HMC Have Organized a Workshop about Asthma


Have organized a workshop about asthma in children with the participation of more than 100 nurses

The Primary Health Care Corporation has  celebrated the  World Day of asthma, which on 7th of May, under the theme (you can control asthma), the activities of the International Day for asthma aims at improving and increasing awareness among asthmatics, the people around them and society in general, more


               The PHCC launches the Measles vaccination campaign this October

Dr. Khalid Al Awa’ad:  The campaign targets children from one year to 13 years age, in all areas of the country. 12 cases were recorded during 2016.

Dr. Khalid Al Awa’ad- Director of Communicable Diseases Section in the Clinical Affairs Department in the PHCC- has confirmed that the Corporation is working to provide and promote the use of vaccines to protect all age groups in Qatar from diseases, which could be avoided  by vaccinations. Studies have shown that vaccinations and immunizations rates are high in Qatar,


                       PHCC Holds  Nursing Workshop with Qatar Diabetes Association  


The Primary Health Care Corporation has held a training workshop for nursing schools in collaboration with the Qatar Society for diabetics, regarding looking after the students with diabetes, which lasted for one week at the association's headquarters, in the context of its preparation  to participate in the activities of the Gulf Week for Health Promotion under the slogan "lets defeat diabetes".  more


                   PHCC initiates one-to one Breast & Bowel Cancer lecture series with women’s group


As part of its continuous efforts to raise awareness the Primary Healthcare Corporation (PHCC) in conjunction with Al Hiba Group Qatar which under the umbrella of Nasser Bin Khalid Al Thani Charity, organized an educative lecture on Breast & Bowel Cancer Screening chaired by Sheikha Leena Bint Nasser Bin Khalid Al Thani, the Breast Cancer Awareness Program Ambassador.  more


PHCC opens  the second Breast and Bowel Cancer Screening Centre



PHCC announces the opening of the second dedicated Breast and Bowel Cancer Screening Centre which marks a significant milestone in PHCC’s efforts at extending its network to take cancer screening to a wider population. The new dedicated screening suite is located in the Leabaib Health Centre. This is the second location of its kind to open in 3 months and will be followed by the much awaited Mobile Unit for breast screening.more


                          PHCC Grants Health Assessments Certificates to Students


The Primary Health Care Corporation Reception of new students to get a health assessment certificates to enter the schools for :2016/2017 ,   Primary Health Care Corporation and according to the annual plan, begins to receive the new students, to conduct the necessary tests for the issuance of assessment certificates from today. more


With the presence of Her Excellency the Minister of Public Health

Primary Health Care Corporation holds the Annual Forum for the Staff


Under the presence of HE the Minister of Public Health, Dr. Hanan Al Kuwari, Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) held the Annual Forum for the Staff. PHCC honored the employees, who have been in service for 25 years in the Corporation, and the outstanding employees, who won the  Professional Performance Star of Excellence. Both of the employees have made real difference to the quality and improvement of services of Primary Health Care Corporation.more


Under the slogan “Teeth health and beauty”

PHCC concludes the events of the Seventh Gulf week of the oral and dental health.


PHCC has concluded activities of the seventh unified GCC week for dental health, which its activities has been held With the participation of many of the concerned parties, such as Ministry of Public Health, Hamad Medical Corporation, the Ministry of Interior and the College of the North Atlantic, where the events opining in the Officers' Club building, in Civil Defense of the Interior Ministry, and the conclusion of events was in Leabaib HC, which is followed to the PHCC. more


Launches on the 10th of Aprill

Implementing the medical information system and electronic files in Abu Bakr and Khalifa HCs



The Corporation is inviting the visitors to renew their expired health cards before starting working with the system to facilitate the review procedures. The PHCC is preparing to implement the medical information system in Abu Baker and Khalifa HCs, on the tenth of this April 2016, as part of the national strategy for care, which provides better information for patients and Auditors, and complete the dissemination of medical information system and electronic files in the rest of the health centers.more


                                           March is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

PHCC brings Bowel Cancer Awareness and Screening information drive to shopping malls

Doha, Qatar – March 20, 2016:


The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) is firmly determined to reach out to a wider audience and significantly increase the level of knowledge and awareness among the public in Qatar about bowel cancer and the life-saving benefits of bowel cancer screening.Accordingly, as part of several activities lined up for Bowel Cancer Awareness Month this March, more


                          PHCC held 360 courses on clinical training and 132 non-clinical courses in 2015

“The Corporation has launched a program on Quality Improvement, which it benefited 439 employees”, Mrs. Layla Al Jasmi stated


Mrs. Layla Al Jasmi, Assistant Executive Director of Workforce Training Department at PHCC, said that the Workforce Training Department at Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) provided 360 courses on clinical training and 132 non-clinical training courses over the last year”.more


                          PHCC hosts the American Heart Association (AHA) event in Qatar



The International Training Center (ITC) at Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) hosted the American Heart Association (AHA) event on the 26th of November at the Wyndham Grand Regency Hotel, which has been inspired and endorsed by the PHCC senior management team and leader, Dr. Mariam Ali Abdulmalik, Managing Director.more


                            New Appointment: Dr. Muna Al-Saadi, Lebaib Health Center Manager



Primary Health Care Corporation has appointed Dr. Muna Al-Saadi as Manager of Lebaib Health Center, which has been effective from the 6th of January of 2016. This new appointment comes in line with the aspirations and vision of the State of Qatar in providing the finest primary health care system. more


                 More than 99,000 phone calls registered through Hayak Helpline 107 



Primary Health Care Corporation has registered more than 99,000 phone calls through Hayak Helpline 107 in November 2015, the highest since its launch in 2014. This represents an increase of 49 per cent compared with the figures of October 2015, when 60,000 calls were registered.more


                        HE Abdulla bin Khalid Al Qahtani, Minister of Public Health, opens the First Breast & Bowel Cancer Screening Center



His Excellency Abdulla bin Khalid Al Qahtani, Minister of Public Health, opened the First Breast and Bowel Cancer Screening Center with the presence of health senior officials, dignitaries and VIP guests at Al Wakrah health center.  more


                     PHCC celebrates the National Day with the Qatari community



Under the umbrella of the Supreme Council of Health (SCH), Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) participated in the Qatar National Day celebrations held at Darb Al Sai with the participation of a large number of governmental and private institutions. This year, the Corporation was placed at Seha pavilion, where SCH and other health institutions of the country were also located.more


PHCC Launches ‘Screen for Life’ Program

Press conference to launch the Breast and Bowel Cancer Screening Program


The formal launch of ‘Screen for Life’, a life-saving program that promotes education, awareness and early detection of cancer in Qatar, was officially announced at a press conference conducted by officials of public and private organizations tasked with delivering Qatar’s new wellness model of healthcare as outlined in its National Health Strategy (NHS) 2011-2016. more


Focusing on development of necessary skills and knowledge to effectively implement cancer screening services

PHCC holds Physician Training for Breast and Bowel Screening Program

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has started the implementation of a rigorous Breast and Bowel Cancer Screening Physician Training. Focused on two cancer-screening areas: more


                       PHCC, a strategic partner at QMED Exhibition & Conference


Under the auspices of HE Mr. Abdulla Bin Khalid Al Qahtani, Minister of Public Health, Primary Health Care Corporation participated in the Qatar Medical Devices and Healthcare Exhibition and Conference (QMED), held at the Qatar Exhibition from December 2nd to December 4th 2015. PHCC set a booth in the pavilion where the projects of the Corporation, such as the early cancer screening program that was launched in January, were explained to the visitors.more


In the framework of Strengthen the Qatari –Cuban relations

Managing Director of PHCC visit,  in order to know and  take advantage from  the Cuban experience in health care


Dr. Maryam Abdul Malek-Managing Director of PHCC- has led a delegation from the Corporation on an official visit to the Republic of Cuba, to know more about the Cuban experience in primary care. The Delegation was received by His Excellency Mr. Rashid Mirza Al Mullah the Qatar’s Ambassador in Cuba and the Cuban Medical Services Company representatives which authorized  by  government agencies to deal with external institutions.more


           Priority for Qataris

           Leabaib HC represents a Turnaround at the level of presented services.



PHCC has started its executive procedures to register approximately 10 thousand auditors in the Leabaib new HC, which will be opened under the sponsorship of Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh / Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani on 13th of this Dec.more


Under the slogan "diabetes and healthy food."

PHCC participates in World Diabetes Day events


The Primary Health Care Corporation has shared the international community with activities of World Diabetes Day. This day is an international day to raise awareness of the risk of diabetes and it celebrated on November 14 of each year. The Corporation participation this year 2015, comes to emphasize the campaign slogan “diabetes and healthy food”. PHCC has also participated in the Fifth annual event  of “let’s work against diabetes” program , which has organized in Qatara, to  enable visitors to learn more about healthy food and eexercise as well as conducting tests to measure diabetes for visitors.more