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                                Clinical Information System in Al Daayen Health Center



Dr. Yasser: “CIS, the new medical information system contributes significantly to reduce the conflict of patients’ medicines prescription with any other drugs”


Mariam Al Hajri: “Overcoming the issues of difficulty in locating the files of patients and loss those files, through the use of CIS system” more


“School nurses play a crucial role in the provision of school health to children and youth”


After the child’s home, school represents the second most influential environment in a child’s life. As more students enter schools with health or mental health problems, the school nurses are the health care representatives who face the challenge of managing their care throughout the school day. Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) provides 54 school nurses to 54 boys independent schools and 155 school nurses to 171 girls independent schools.more


Well Baby Clinics: A Holistic Approach to Child Health Care



Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) prides itself on its commitment to the improvement of health care services in Qatar. This is reflected through a wide variety of initiatives and activities. For instance, a joint committee was formed between Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and PHCC Child Health Section in order to supervise Well Baby Clinic Program. The committee aims to: develop and improve child health clinic-related protocols; update the child’s health records and the health notebook; and adopt the development plans recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).more


PHCC launches the Family Medicine Program in Health Centers to improve Health Services



Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) always strives to provide the utmost quality of medical services. As a reflection of its dedication for excellence, the PHCC’s family medicine program in the State of Qatar has recently acquired the American accreditation by the reputable Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education International (ACGME-I).more


For providing the finest services to our patients,

PHCC implemented the triaging system in Al-Gharafa HC



As part of PHCC National Health Strategy which aims at improving the health of the community in the State of Qatar, Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) will launch the patient triaging system in Al Gharafa Health Center in September 2014.more


Primary Health Care Corporation

Improving Health Centers services by developing its procedures and replacing the paper files to electronic


Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) announces the implementation of CIS, Clinical Information System, in Al Gharafa Health Center after completing the first level in Al Daayen HC and Al Khor hospital, which included a new electronic system for the patients’ medical records to be viewed by all physicians across every health care facility. more


Vaccination Campaign will continue until October


Following Primary Health Care Corporation’s (PHCC) aim in preventing common communicable diseases, PHCC continues its Vaccination Campaign against meningitis, pneumonia and seasonal influenza, started on May 25th, to target travelers to Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Umra until the beginning of October.more


Primary Health Care Corporation celebrates the achievement of the Accreditation Canada International

Doha, July 16, 2014. Under the patronage of H.E Abdulla Bin Khalid Al Qahtani ministry of health, PHCC will celebrate reaching the Accreditation Canada International platinum level by distributing the certificates to all its health centers on Thursday 17th July 2014. This celebration comes after reaching the platinum level from accreditation Canada international ACI, demonstrating the corporations’ commitment to excellence in providing quality services to our patient.more