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Primary Health Care Corporation celebrates the achievement of the Accreditation Canada International



Doha, July 16, 2014. Under the patronage of H.E Abdulla Bin Khalid Al Qahtani ministry of health, PHCC will celebrate reaching the Accreditation Canada International platinum level by distributing the certificates to all its health centers on Thursday 17th July 2014. This celebration comes after reaching the platinum level from accreditation Canada international ACI, demonstrating the corporations’ commitment to excellence in providing quality services to our patient.more


Under the theme of  “Happy Garangao… Eat and brush your teeth”,

Primary Health Care Corporation Celebrates Garangao



Within its activities, Primary Health Care Corporation participates with the Qatari society in Garangao night celebration in the middle of the holy month of Ramadan under the theme of “Happy Garangao… Eat and brush your teeth” which comes as part of the campaign “Seha w Ajer”. The corporation carries out through many programs during this month with the ambition to participate in all social and national events and occasions.more


 (Ramadan Health and Reward)

Primary Health Care Corporation participates in awareness and educational campaigns


The Primary health Care Corporation participated in the campaign organized by Hayat Plaza Shopping Mall “Fast-a-thon” over two days preceding from the corporation’s role in health awareness and promotion during the holy month of Ramadan and as part of the program “health and award”.more


Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) honored 106 kindergartens and schools in a ceremony attended by more than 600 members such as principals, teachers, academics and administrators.more


PHCC launches its Ramadan Program “Saha w Ajer”


Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) launched the primary health care program Saha w Ajer and rolled during the Holy Month of Ramadan among the staff from governmental and private entities. The aim is to put into practice the main role of the Corporation promoting the health education in all the segments of the society. 

PHCC will measure the weight of employees from different entities at the beginning of Ramadan. Those employees who have the desire of losing weight will be attended by PHCC dietitians providing a proper diet by giving tips.

At the end of the Holy Month, employees who participated in the initiative will receive gift and an appreciation certificate for successfully completing the challenge.

Huda Mohsen, PHCC Public Relations Manager, highlighted the aim of this campaign. “As we know the risk of obesity and the problems associated with it, we offer healthy ways to prevent it since obesity is a chronic disease, widespread in our society and one of the major cause that leads to other ailments.

“The responsibility of PHCC is to raise awareness on obesity through lectures, seminars and various activities”, she added.

For her part, Dr. Hebah Adnan Abu Halawah, Head of Health Awareness, said this program aims to fight the obesity and health promotion through the proper nutrition. “During the Holy Month of Ramadan, we need to promote the dietary habits and a healthy life style. In addition, PHCC specialists will give tips to those who are suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes to avoid complications during the fasting”.

“PHCC is also educating on the importance of a physical activity promoting the exercise in a proper time during Ramadan”. She also highlighted that it is a good chance for smokers to quit their habit. Ramadan is a perfect time for people to quit their unhealthy habits, especially smoking, since they are prohibited to smoke throughout their fasting hours.

Primary Health Care Corporation works on the implementation of initiatives through events, educational programs and campaigns which are part of the National Primary Health Care Strategy objectives.