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Both Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC), and Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) have launched a new Clinical Information System (CIS), that consists of an electronic medical record for patients that provides easy access to doctors in all facilities to make easier the clinical diagnosis and decisions. The system was known during a press conference, and it is considered as an empowering tool that will be used to provide the best health care for patients across the country.



Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) concluded its activities marking the 5th GCC Dental Health Week which aimed to raise health awareness on the importance of healthy mouth and teeth and prevention of issues such as caries and teeth maintenance among different community segments.




Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) through the Clinical Affairs Department is completing the last phase of the Medical Revalidation program with the submission of the E-Portfolio that will end on Sunday 25th of May 2014.




West Bay Health Center held ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop directed by Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) and attended by physicians who have responsibility on clinical supervision of trainees to get the knowledge and skills required to be effective on the job trainers in today’s busy hospitals. The course consists of a mix of techniques to increase participants’ confidence as clinical trainers and it mainly focuses on lecturing, feedback and skills training and it provides a basic understanding of adult learning and the major factors that influence instruction outcome.



Primary Health Care Corporation’s (PHCC) Abu Nakhla Health Center celebrated the Glaucoma Week to raise awareness among the patients about the importance on check-up the eyes especially for those over 40 years old and who suffer diabetes.



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